We want to be a diamond brand first of all

We like the design part of the jewelry as much as you do. We are also sure that the visual appeal of any jewelry item can be easily integrated with the practicality and a balance can be achieved.

Turquoise aims to bring the best in jewelry design to you, from all over the world across all the styles and cultures.

Company's history

Turquoise is an online jewelry retailer with a unique approach and an undeniably stylish look. Born back in 2006, with founders team based in Boston, USA. Such a group of like-minded design professionals in one place is destined to make the result of such a work to be bright and exciting.

Our Vision 
 It's really simple – we aim to make our products stylish, original and accessible – making materials quality and durability a vocal point. We produce everything we do with a grain of love into it – and our customers can always feel that in our end product.

Our Team 
The most innovative and talented designers in Boston are united under our banners – with each of their individual vision and creativity complimenting one another.